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DEMO Cypress -Modern Automation Testing from Scratch

Tests using Cypress with Mocha and Cucumber frameworks

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Course Description

The most Buzzing word in Automation world which is expected to play a key role in  future  for its fast, easy and reliable testing for anything that runs in a browser.

What you’ll learn
  • JavaScript fundamentals for beginners in the programming
  • How to set up and configure Cypress
  • You will understand how to execute your tests in parallel using a CI system
  • How to crack the interview for Cypress
Date Picker handling

Pagination handling

ShadowDOM handling

Write and Read file


WebTable handling

Tabs & Window handling

Radio buttons

Checkboxes handling

Dropdown handling

DragNDrop handling

File upload & download handling et

nodejs installation


Package Manager - npm or yarn

How to handle DOM objects

How to create XPath and CSS custom locators and

chrome extensions to generate locators. Eg: Selectorshub and truepath

VS Code usage

VS code plugins

VS Code shortcuts

1. Interactive sessions & Hands-on-lab

2. Cypress-Cookbook documentation

3. Real-time examples

4. Live projects practice

5. Interview questions and guidance

6. Javascript & Cypress materials

7. Test Consultation

8. Project Support post training(terms apply)

9. Recordings for life-time

Variables and Constants




ES6 module






Collections etc


Chaining API calls

Passing payloads using fixtures

Get started


Cypress Configuration


How to organize the tests

Single feature files

Bundled features files

Step definitions

Step definitions creation

Reusable step definitions

How to write tests

Cucumber Expressions

Given/When/Then functions

Data table parameters

Custom Parameter Type Resolves

Before and After hooks

Background section

Sharing context

Smart tagging

How to run the tests

Running tagged tests

Ignoring specific scenarios using tags when executing test runner


Getting Started

Run Cycle Overview

Detects Multiple Calls to done()


Asynchronous Code

Synchronous Code

Arrow Functions


Pending Tests

Exclusive Tests

Inclusive Tests

Retry Tests

Dynamically Generating Tests


Why do we need Assertions?

Chai Assertions & Cypress Examples

Adding Assertions to our Existing Tests

Cypress Contains

Headless Browser execution

Non-Headless Browser execution

Scroll into View

Drag & Drop

Double Click

Right click Assertions

Trigger events

a. Cypress Official Plugins

b. Cypress 3rd party plugins

a. URL Timeouts

b. Explicit Timeouts

c. Assertion Timeouts

d. Wait

a. JSON file

b. Excel file

c. CSV file

d. images and txt file

b. Environment Variables

c. Setting up a Base URL

d. Default config settings

a. Prerequisites

a. Mochawesome Reporter

b. Mochawesome - Merging Reports GitHub

c. Allure reports

d. Cucumber HTML reports

1. Git repos

2. Git commits & merge

3, Git pull & push

4. Git commands

5. SourceTree tool usage

6. Git branching strategy

1.Gitlab CI/CD integration

2. Cloud testing using Browserstack, SauceLabs

3. Database testing using MySQL connector

4. Gmail Email API integration

5. Configuring 4 different design patterns with Page Object Model

6. Stubs and XHR network capture controls

a. Mocking & Stubbing network calls

7. Cypress using Typescript integration

8. Github Actions/Jenkins/Circle CI pipeline integration

9. Docker images usage

10. Component testing using Cypress

11. GraphQL queries

12. Social logins usage eg: Facebook/LinkedIn

13. Performance testing using Cypress

14. Session Management using cy.session()

15. Testing PDF files using Cypress

16. JQuery commands & locators

17. Cypress Dashboard Analytics

18. Visual testing using Cypress

19. Cy.origin() usage

20. Cookies Handling



Senior Software Engineer

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About Instructor

The trainer is having 10+ Years of industry experience and 3+ years experience on cypress test automation and training. Extensive international experience having worked in the UK and Asia (Malaysia & India) in a wide variety of projects (BFSI), FinTech, CRM, CMS, Automotive, WordPress, e-wallets & Real-Estate industry using manual & automation tools.

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