Selenium Overview with POM & TestNG-Weekend Crash Course

Learn Page Object Model on a REAL project with advanced techniques, tips on my Selenium Overview with POM & TestNG and you can success in interviews.

Instructor : Bharat V
What are you going to learn ?
  • You will understand Automation framework components like TesNG.
  • You will understand Maven, Jenkins, Page Object model design.
  • Once you will understand, you can clear any Interview

Curriculum for this course
  • What is Selenium
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium IDE
  • Download instructions of Java
  • Installation instructions of Java
  • Eclipse and Selenium WebDriver
  • How to setup Java Environment
  • Develop scripts using Selenium on realtime websites.
  • What is Page object model
  • Creating Page object classes
  • Maintaining object repository
  • Maintaining methods
  • Converting raw scripts into Page Object Model structure
  • TestNG and Its Advantages
  • Convert standard java methods into runnable TestNG test cases
  • Core Java Fundamentals
  • Java Programming Language Keywords
  • Class and Object
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The benefits of using Page Object Model in an Agile project environment, how and when to to refactor, your Selenium scripts from the start, structuring your automation projects using coding common modules, and much more. Many of these techniques have been learnt by me from years of hard experience doing test automation in the real world, and you won't easily find them documented elsewhere. Convert standard java methods into runnable TestNG test cases.

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Updated Wed, 10-Mar-2021
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